Force Development. Provide design, Installation and Maintenance a CCTV Systems. Digital Video Management Systems.

FDT provide CCTV System, software and hardware, a video management system (VMS) helps users automatically monitor events from any number of surveillance (CCTV) cameras, alarms, or sensors. VMS hardware can include cameras, encoders for analogy camera systems, and servers for video processing and storage. VMS software monitors all the systems and provides an at-a-glance view alerting security to any potential risks, threats, events, or scheduled tasks.

CCTV System: Having a CCTV camera in your business is crucial. This is because the camera uses modern and highly advanced technologies to monitor different activities in your premise. It, therefore, allows you to prevent possible theft, and in the event of a break in, relevant authorities can investigate it with substantial evidence from the monitors.

Video Management System Functionality:

· Save data and storage by recording only when motion is detected or specific rules are triggered

· Reduce data & IT infrastructure

· Combine the streams from multiple digital video recorders (DVR/NVR) Wall and concrete walls sensors

· Avoid siloed data, save on communication bandwidth and IT infrastructure by sharing video data across the organization

· Audio recording as part of your security system

· Alarms can trigger events locally like opening or closing gates

· Events can trigger video recording or switch to higher quality video stream

· Notifications can be automatically sent via email, call, or SMS

· Notifications can be automatically sent via email, call, or SMS

· Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

· VMS allows for remote control and monitoring of cameras