Fire alarm Systems

Force Development. Provide design, Installation and Maintenance a Fire alarm Systems, FDT provide Fire alarm Systems, hardware, and software. A fire alarm system’s chief purpose is to detect fires and quickly notify both the occupants of the building and emergency services from a centrally controlled and monitored location. These systems also monitor themselves, identifying the location and origin of the alarms and sensing problems with connections and wiring that might prevent the system from working properly. Essentially,

Alarm system components

  • Fire alarm control panel

  • Tamper switches

  • Initiation devices

  • Notification devices

  • Audible devices

  • NAC power supplies

  • Diallers or communicators

  • Pull stations

  • Smoke detectors

  • Heat detectors

  • Duct detectors

  • Beam detectors

  • Air aspirating or air sampling smoke detectors